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smart broadband, not a reliable provider #90 ein/ausblenden
i've been crazy fixing my smart internet connection. and been dialing customer service since yesterday!!!!

Oh my God! it's bursting my bubble!

smart! listen! i need you to fix this!

i'm tired of hooking up wifi just to get a net connection.
posted by "stewart" on   08.10.13, 01:33 (0 answers, views:4769x) | Reply

Using mobile Internet at the Philippines #56 ein/ausblenden
I have been at the Philippines in 2010 and I had my netbook with me. I was surprised, that in this country, especially in bigger cities, they have alot of free WLan hotspots which are open for every user.

So if you stay only in bigger cities it is nearly no need to buy a extra SIM Card to get online. Many hotels have Free WLan to use.

But if you go to smaller villages, there is no WLan and there is no Internet-Cafe. So you will have to buy an Data-Simcard.

I bought a Smart BRO USB-Data Stick with Simcard. For about 1500 Peso you can buy the USB-Modem Stick and I think it was 120hours of being online.

I could not check out, if there is a way to buy only the Simcard without the Modem-Stick. But maybe there is one.

The connection with Smart Pro worked nearly everywhere, but it was very slowly compard with WLan.
posted by "Phil" on   10.11.10, 11:01 (1 answers, views:5196x) | Reply