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USB-Datastick, Surfstick Prepaid New Zealand #79 ein/ausblenden
Two weeks ago I arrived in Auckland and I was looking for a prepaid Internet-Data surfstick for usb with my Netbook. I found out, that there are 2 options who work in whole NZ, North Island and South Island.

Vodafone and Telecom are offering a Stick and Simcard packet either a Prepaid Data Simcard without a USB Modem Stick. Both, Vodafone NZ and Telecom NZ had a cheaper offer, if you buy the packet stick with simcard.

Telecom had the cheaper packet price, the selling the stick and 2 GB Datatraffic for 59 NZD (valid for 2 Month).
Vodafone wants for the same thing, but only 1 GB traffic 69.-NZD.
So for me, the better choice it was to buy the telecom paket.

I installed the stick, and I was not forced to register anywhere, so it was easy to get it work...

I bought it, and i travel around in the whole north island, and it works nearly on every place.... so I am happy with my choice, till now...
posted by "kiwiexplorer" on   16.02.12, 22:44 (0 answers, views:8822x) | Reply