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Mobile Broadband without contract, prepaid

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Mobile Broadband without contract, prepaid #62 ein/ausblenden
For people who visit greece for a couple of days or weeks, I think this might be the best way to get online without contract and :

so they offer broadband internet by 15Euro charge for one month, 1GByte Traffic...
I think this is not very cheap, but ok to be free and online in Greece... ;-)
posted by "Peter" on   22.11.10, 13:04 (views 5109x, 1 Replies) | Reply

Re: Mobile Broadband without contract, prepaid #74 ein/ausblenden
well, i bought the simcard from wind for 15 euros, but it is now only valid for 1 week, then you have to pay 30 euros for another 30 days for 3 Gbyte. So this card is 45 euros for about one month, which is very expensive... the are crazy, the greek - everything for tourist is enormous expensive.. so stay only one week and then go home, the greek should go back to pay in drachmen, should go out of the euro zone.... this would solve all the problems with this crazy nation!

and the other thing is: when you buy this shit prepaid simcard, they register and copy your passport, they even want to know your fathers name...

so my tip, if you want to use your laptop in greece: dont by this simcard, if you want to be online, look out for free wifi, which they have on a couple of places and in some cafes - or plug in your netbook in some of the internet cafes...
posted by "shitmaster" on   14.09.11, 21:21  | Reply