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Iphone sim card for germany forndata useage #84 ein/ausblenden
I need to buy iphone sim card that gives me data package for 1week also to use it as hotspot for my ipad
Can any one advice me with the cheapest one
posted by "Ali" on   10.08.12, 14:03 (2 answers, views:10191x) | Reply

Whats the cheapest prepaid Data-simcard for Germany? #59 ein/ausblenden
Anyone an idea, is there a prepaid Data-Simcard in Germany?
I want to get online with my netbook for about 3 weeks, and I have alread a USB-Data-Modem for my netbook...

Thanks for infos!
posted by "mike" on   11.11.10, 18:43 (13 answers, views:80304x) | Reply