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Avoid roaming rates. Use broadband Internet during holiday and traveling and working in foreign countries all over the world. Take with your mobile office. Buy a local simcard for . EuroMillions Draw
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Re: Re: Whats the cheapest prepaid Data-simcard for Germany? #88 ein/ausblenden
Planet Saturn now have an O2 data dongle for 25 euro for 5G data 30 days
You need to buy the dongle though for 9 euro
It last 30 days at 7mbps and when 5G has been used it drops to 64kbps until you top up
I surveyed Vodafone sim only data 5euro for SIMM and 39.95 per month
Couldn't find the Aldi deal that everyone was talking about
O2 shop assistant didn't even know of the deal.
TMobile when i called from UK said they didn't do a pre pay deal and sure enough in the shop they could only recommend a third party provider I hadn't heard of but was on a carousel in the shop. They said they didn't support it once you had bought the SIMM.
Everyone else in Europe -even the French give you about 5 to 10 G for 15 to 20 euro now.
Come on Germany lets make travel and pre pay cheap and convenient for us customers!
posted by "Gooleggooleg" on   16.11.12, 13:30 (0 Antw.) | Reply


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